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What Our Existing Subscribers Have to Say!

I stumbled onto BLOOVO after an exasperated search on local job-boards. Joining BLOOVO took seconds and I was surprised to see a revolutionary job platform, which finally focused on Job Seekers and promoted interaction with prospective employers. Simply Impressive!

Anita Brojesson


The application-tracking feature has flipped the way I think about online job boards. It is just extraordinary knowing the status of all my applications, with prompt notifications on every stage of the recruitment process.

Marketa Kutnetzova


Using BLOOVO was an amazingly seamless experience. I was astonished how BLOOVO matched every single job post to my profile and told me how relevant I was even before I applied. This platform takes away the need for me to apply to every job I find and helps me search jobs in a focused way!

Hisham Kazi

Dubai, UAE

The team at BLOOVO has been very responsive and the fresh design and scientific matching may very well be the breath of fresh air that recruitment websites needed in MENA region.

NIkhilesh Mehta

Founder & CEO

For us at IFA Group, the first thing we experienced with BLOOVO is a different kind of innovation in MENA region; a solution which was at par with our global office standards. Their vision about applying data science in order to understand candidates set them apart from the crowd.

Eman Naser

HR Manager

BLOOVO has helped us look at fresh talent, match prospects to our requirements and cultivate long term relationships with passive candidates. It’s extremely refreshing and out of the blue!

Cristina Calaguian

Managing Director